We truly believe in achieving any look required by our clients. We truly believe in working closely with our clients. Intimate collaborations, prototype samples and offering our professional expertise we believe any desired outcome can be realised to satisfy each and every client, truly.

We invest heavily in our aesthetical finishing, with a specialized team dedicated to sourcing the exact requirements of each project. We are able to work with a broad spectrum of materials ranging across Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Brass and Cooper. We understand each endeavor holds specific demands; we can offer guidance on correct materials based on properties and characteristics.

Aesthetics are in our values. From inception to finished product, our quality assurances are of the highest order. Responsibility we place on ourselves to deliver above and beyond expectations. We offer a wide spectrum of high quality finishes. These range across universal to the bespoke finishes. Importance is placed on the exact finish. Liaising with the client we will send across a multitude of prototype samples to ease the process.

Applied finishes

We consider ourselves innovative. Continually reaching and exploring for the cutting edge. We are front and center at every show, every expo to ensure our engaged approach offers the front line in metal finishing.

Bespoke Development

Unparalleled knowledge across the field has gifted us the opportunity to collaborate with a plethora of leading and diverse entities. Our Specialist expertise are transferable whilst always ensuring high-end quality with excellence in bespoke design and precision engineering.


For years our teams have worked meticulously and intimately with a large multiplicity of materials. This has in essence birthed the expertise, knowledge and skills sets needed to deliver superior crafted metalwork. We understand the personality and characteristics of each and thus are able to move forward effortlessly.

Natural Finishes

We appreciate the power of natural. From rich earths to vibrant gold’s our spectrum stretches beyond aesthetics and touches a deep emotional and intuitive understanding of the brand.